The Belko Experiment – Film Review

The Belko Experiment is an office “Battle Royale” which isn’t even done well. For those who have seen “Battle Royale”, it is a brilliant film and one of my all-time favourites. If you’re a Hunger Games fan and haven’t seen Battle Royale, please know – Hunger Games was a rip-off of Battle Royale regarding the concept of the actual game where they have to kill each other.

The Belko Experiment is even lower than The Hunger Games on the film food chain. In a random office building in the middle of no-where in Colombia, we’re made to believe that there are people dumb enough to work for a company that desire their employees to install trackers into their heads – and even dumber for the employees to let them. If a company said to me, “Hey, sure we’ll employ you, give you a free car, free housing – we just need to install a tracker in your head.I’d tell them to fuck right off. I wouldn’t take the job let alone move to another country for it. 

So already, audiences are met with a bunch of characters that we can’t relate to because they’re all fucking idiots. Although the film is slow, the script doesn’t seem to give time to make any of the characters relatable. We don’t get to know them and we don’t root for them either.

A good film would build up the intensity, but everything in The Belko Experiment was monotonous. When the characters weren’t fighting among themselves, the scenes were just boring and full of unnecessary drivel. The Belko Experiment is one hot mess. I expected better from something associated with James Gunn. It’s unoriginal, it’s boring, it’s terrible. I love gore, but gore without creativity is a complete waste of time.

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