Pandas 3D (IMAX) – Film Review

Pandas are cute, cuddly, fluffy and endangered.

In Pandas 3D we follow the journey of Qian Qian, a baby panda born in captivity. With the guidance of scientists, researchers and conservationists, IMAX cameras follow Qian Qian’s journey every step of the way from the Chengdu Panda Base in China where she is born, to the mountains of Sichuan where Qian Qian takes her first steps outside the gate of her protected habitat.

‘Pandas 3D’ is educational, visually stunning and extremely moving. Some of my favourite scenes are when the baby pandas are shown drinking from baby bottles, rolling around, climbing trees and basically creating monochrome pandemonium. Mind opening and upsetting, the film addresses that while the species is so innocent and beautiful, there are only than 2000 pandas left in the wild. It may sound like a lot, but 2000 is honestly not many, considering this is less than a quarter of the capacity of a concert arena. Pandas also rarely breed, which is a sad factor to their dwindling population.

The film is narrated by Kristen Bell whom I love from her Veronica Mars days, and closely follows Dr Jake Owens, a field researcher, conservation biologist and both parent and bestie with Qian Qian. You really appreciate what he and his colleagues do to help contribute to the survival of the pandas, forming a strong and emotional bond with Qian Qian whilst passionately being concerned with the species as a whole. Although their work is tough, you can’t help but be jealous that these clever minds get to also befriend, cuddle up and play with these adorable, resilient and fragile creatures.

After watching Pandas 3D, I find myself inspired and wanting to contribute more to the conservation of pandas. I also really, REALLY want to visit China, especially Sichuan, where most of the documentary is filmed. Pandas 3D is wonderful and I cannot recommend it enough. I hope that when you do attend, you will be inspired to save the pandas like I have been. Not only is your attendance at an IMAX documentary appreciated, but to make a difference in what the documentary discusses is even better.

I loved this film, want to see it again and really wish that it was longer. But I got the message that Pandas 3D intended to share, and at the end of the day that is what really matters.

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2 thoughts on “Pandas 3D (IMAX) – Film Review”

  1. Nubby says:

    Wished it was longer..
    Definitely a MUST WATCH in IMAX
    It so sad there’s only 2000 of them left in the world =( =(

    1. xander85 says:

      Agree with this. Wished the doco was longer. Was great to hear they are continually trying to release more and more. Hopefully we get a Pandas 2?

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