Ender’s Game – Film Review

Ender’s Game” is based off the 1985 science fiction novel of the same name by Orson Scott Card. Although I have not read the novel, this didn’t make the experience of the film any less comprehensive or enjoyable.

Ender’s Game” is about a young Ender Wiggins played by Asa Butterfield, recruited by the International Military to lead humanity in the fight against a genocidal alien race which nearly destroyed the human race in a previous invasion attempt. With the International Military, Ender is trained under the watchful eye of Colonel Graff played by Harisson Ford.

With the additional talents with the likes of Abigail BreslinHailee SteinfeldAramis KnightSuraj Partha, and Ben Kingsley, the film goes above and beyond to do justice to the story of the 1985 science fiction novel for fans and new fans alike.

Personally, I really loved “Ender’s Game”. It is not just a science fiction film, but a detailed look of how humanity can act under strife. Asa Butterfield‘s portrayal of Ender in this film is incredible, and I really wish that he won awards for playing this role, because he is extremely talented and deserving of some recognition for this film.

If you have wanted to see “Ender’s Game”, I highly recommend that you do yourself a favour and see it. Completely underrated and a perfect nod to a written masterpiece, “Ender’s Game” is one of the best science fiction films of 2013.

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