BTS: Dynamite – K-Pop Single Review

K-Pop big guns BTS are back and are the latest to release a full English single with ‘Dynamite’. Considering the 7-member boy group have been around since 2013, one would wonder why it has taken them so long to release their first ever full English single (second if you count the 2018 collaboration ‘Waste It On Me’ with Steve Aoki), but honestly regardless, the wait has been worth it.

Perfectly timed as the ideal pick-me-up song during this unprecedented time, ‘Dynamite’ oozes happy disco inspired vibes and nostalgia. The nostalgia continues with a physical release on both cassette tape and vinyl record – which have since completely sold out. The digital release of ‘Dynamite’ currently includes an instrumental version, but within hours (and I mean literally hours), both an acoustic and EDM remix will be on the way.

If you didn’t think the music was fun and nostalgic enough, the music video even throws more nostalgia at you; complete with pink fluffy clouds, pastel colours, Jungkook dancing in a room with posters on the ceiling (we’ve all tried doing this [posters on the ceiling] at some point of our lives), RM happily browsing in a record store, J-Hope randomly dancing in a burger and doughnut diner, Jungkook getting caught trying to eat a doughnut by the others (which he never actually eats, mind you), V dancing outside an ice-cream truck peddling happiness and icecream – but mostly happiness (whatever he has, I want some). Suga is at the basketball court wearing a (I kid you not) Toon Squad jersey (because who the heck didn’t love Space Jam), Jimin continuously attacking us with his impressive dance moves and irresistible finger guns and last but not least, Jin leading the finger pointing with serious Saturday Day Night Fever disco vibes.

Generally, the music video shows the boys having a world of fun, whether it be at the diner judging Jungkook’s food choices, watching Jimin dance with no shame practically everywhere, playing basketball, playing air guitar, dancing in public, being complete goofballs and basically doing everything that we used to be able to do with our friends and loved ones pre-COVID. Honestly, the only thing that this music video is missing are the boys rolling around on roller skates. Now that would have been a mood.

‘Dynamite’ is a song that brings joy, make us miss how the world used to be and provides us with hope on how we will be again. And because it is in complete English, your non-K-Pop listening friends and family really have no excuse now. So, what are you waiting for? Stream ‘Dynamite’, if not to help this epic K-Pop group break more records (and they’re probably breaking more as you read this), at least listen to BTS to enjoy a damn catchy song while lifting your spirits, because this one is a BOP.

Images by Big Hit Entertainment and were supplied by Sony Music Australia.

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