Tenet – Film Review

Quite possibly one of the most anticipated films of 2020, Tenet has finally hit the big screen after several date changes and it was worth the wait!

John David Washington stars as The Protagonist, who is sent on a mission armed with one word, Tenet, and must weave his way through several different countries, and timelines, to prevent World War 3, and the destruction of the world.

Christopher Nolan writes and directs this big screen blockbuster in his typical time bending fashion.  The time travel concept behind the film may take a while to get your head around, but once it clicks everything falls into place. I found this to be quite a fresh take on the genre and stepped away from many of the typical time travel tropes.

The performances from the lead cast in Tenet are outstanding! John David Washington as The Protagonist is great, delivering a very convincing performance and some outstanding action sequences and fight scenes. Washington proved himself in Blackkklansman, but took it to a whole new level for Tenet.

But I really need to give a huge mention to Robert Pattinson. When I heard he was cast in the film, I must admit I groaned, I’m not a huge fan. But he really surprised me and gave a stellar performance as Neil, The Protagonist‘s partner on this mission. Pattinson really proved his acting chops here, and it actually makes me kind of excited to see him take on the role of Batman.

Tenet is action packed from the first second, and the visual effects both practical and CGI are flawless. There are many CGI scenes, I’m assuming (they may have been done practically), that are a little mind bending, as they blend together several timelines in a unique way, which is very well done. 

Then there are practical effects, like a real plane smashing through a building, which is just bonkers and on the classic Nolan scale (Just think the truck flip scene from The Dark Night). Honestly I can not wait to see some behind the scenes footage and discover how these scenes were created.

Tenet is a must see on the big screen to really appreciate the scenes Nolan has crafted. It is everything you would expect from a Nolan film, plus a pinch more. The acting, visuals and storyline is all top of the line and leaves you thinking in a good way. I can’t wait to go and give it a second viewing.

Tenet is in Australian cinemas August 27th.

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