Blackfish – Film Review

I hadn’t heard of “Blackfish” until a friend who is also a film nut suggested for me to go see it. And I am so glad that I did. “Blackfish” is a documentary displaying the immoral actions of humans obtaining killer whales for human entertainment, and the despair and consequences of keeping such intelligent and sentient creatures in captivity.

Tilikum is the main whale and topic that this documentary speaks up about. This whale has attacked many Seaworld trainers in the past with 3 lives being lost, and Seaworld blaming the trainers for their own deaths. But it is not Tilikum that is the enemy, it’s us. The ones that blindly are entertained and pay money to see orcas do tricks at amusement parks, and those that make money from the killer whales and their suffering. It’s absolutely unusual for so many attacks to happen from orcas as they’re very kind and peaceful to humans in the wild. Tilikum is frustrated, and you would be too if you spent your whole life stuck and enclosed in a bathtub, because that is practically his life. I can’t blame Tilikum at all in this entire predicament.

This is something you really need to see for yourself. It really opened up my eyes. I can officially say now that I HATE SEAWORLDAt least the American Seaworld counterpart responsible for all this mess, the suffering and the deaths. Last I checked, the Australian Seaworld don’t actually have killer whales at their amusement park in captivity. But you can never be too sure. For me, any animal cruelty is disgusting and I am shocked that Seaworld have managed to get away with it for so long. Absolutely appalled!

Since the release of this film, many people are boycotting Seaworld in the US, including celebrity acts that have cancelled their appearances since seeing this film for themselves. But that is not enough. Hopefully something can be done so that Tilikum can be freed, and that no other orcas in the future have to suffer the same fate that Tilikum still suffers.

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