Argo – Film Review

Argo” is a drama history war thriller based on the true events of real-life CIA hero, “Tony Mendez” during the 1979-1980 joint CIA-Canadian secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of Iran.

I had always wanted to watch this film before it was released since seeing the trailers, however I had a lot of event clashes and before I knew it – it had left the cinemas. I am so thankful for the The Oscars to have hyped up the film enough for it to be re-released and have fortunately watched the film on the big screen since.

Argo is phenomenal. I had my eyes glued to the screen throughout the entire length of the movie, my heart was racing with every move the characters made, and was always on the edge of my seat. From the moment the film began up until the end, I was gripping for the characters the whole way – the way movies should be.

Bryan CranstonVictor GarberJohn Goodman and Alan Arkin are all brilliant in their roles. The casting was perfect. But the stand out would be none other than Ben Affleck himself who is a force to be reckoned with both on-screen and off-screen as leading actor and director.

Ben Affleck is great in his portrayal as Tony Mendez. And I am disappointed that he was snubbed for the Oscar awards; “Best Actor” and “Best Director”. Despite this snub, I am so glad that Argo still took out the award for “Best Picture”.

Overall, Argo is brilliant film that deserves all the hype and more. A definite must see and if you DO see, try look out for the cameo by Tony Mendez himself in one of the airport scenes. I loved this film and I am so happy that it won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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