Tokyo Treat (October 2021 Box) – Product Review

I miss Japan.

There’s something special about Japan that makes it such an inviting and fascinating place, whether it be your first time visiting, or you’ve visited a bunch of times and keep going back. I know that when international borders open again, Japan will be one of the first on my list of places I want to travel again to. But how does one obtain a bunch of Japanese snacks in the meantime? Turns out Tokyo Treat had the answer I was searching for.

Admittedly, I have always been curious about Japanese candy subscription boxes but have never tried one. So, I was very happy when I had the opportunity to try the Tokyo Treat October Subscription Box.

My box was unintentionally perfectly timed during the spooky season, where many are excited for Halloween. Upon receiving the TokyoTreat box, I was already impressed by the eye-catching orange colour, and then when opening it, I noticed that the snacks inside were all in colourful packaging, accompanied with a booklet adorned with Halloween themed original art, showcasing an anime-looking girl drawn with all this month’s candy! I hadn’t even tried the candy yet, but clearly recognised the different snacks on the booklet cover in the art, and was already thoroughly impressed with the presentation.

While the back of the individual snack packaging is all in Japanese and may be a bit intimidating, considering I can’t read Japanese, I found the booklet very informative, as it provides a Snack Menu which tells of the name of each candy and a description of what’s inside and what tastes to expect. I received a Tokyo Treat Premium Box and counted 17 delicious items inside.

Although I have been to Japan, I had never tried any of the snacks that I received from Tokyo Treat before. So, it was pretty much an adventure every time I opened a snack package. My favourites from the October Snack Menu were the Umaibō Cheese which was basically a corn cheese stick and super delicious, the Tongari Corn Halloween Butter Toast was strangely addicting, and the Calpis Soda Grape was super tasty! I also found the Spooky Water DIY Candy Kit fun to play with. I know the saying ‘don’t play with your food’, but honestly, it was fun to mix the candy up and taste it.

I can picture fans of Japanese snacks or candy lovers in general enjoying the Tokyo Treat box, whether it is to share with your significant other, or something you want to get to just treat yourself (pun intended). I think for families, depending on the size of family, one box may not be enough. But perhaps maybe this is just my perspective, as I was ready to fight my partner when we were unboxing and opening all the treats, even discussing while munching to get a box each for next time.

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with the Tokyo Treat box. I understand that every month you are given something different (although obviously always all treats), but I believe that’s what makes it so exciting, that you are always in for a surprise. The Tokyo Treat subscription is also very flexible and gives you the option to subscribe on a month-to-month basis, or if you want a regular subscription paid in advance, you have a choice between a 3-month plan, a 6-month plan and a 12-month plan.

I highly recommend Tokyo Treat to anyone who is a fan of all things Japan, loves candy and is willing to go on a tasty adventure. Keeping my wanderlust satisfied, receiving my TokyoTreat box made me feel connected to Japan, really cheered me up, and I cannot wait to receive my TokyoTreat box for next month.

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A Tokyo Treat box was provided for the purpose of this review.

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