The Oodie – Product Review

If you’ve ever been curious about getting a hooded blanket, look no further than The Oodie! This Australian owned product uses ultra-soft flannel fleece married together with warm sherpa fleece, so you won’t even think twice about the cold. We were lucky to try one, and boy, do we have some things to say!

First of all, what we found attractive about The Oodie is how colourful they are and the vast number of designs that you can choose from, which is great because you can easily find one that suits your mood and personality. These gorgeous designs vary from koalas, penguins, unicorns and reindeer to Disney, Star Wars, Looney Tunes and even Harry Potter. Honestly, I’m not even naming them all!

Normally, you would think that these designs would be limited to kids only, but instead The Oodie chooses not to discriminate and freely allows for these fun designs to be available to all, especially appealing to the big kid in all of us. There are two different sizes only: one for kids and one for adults. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, you’ll be able to fit into The Oodie, regardless. I felt this was very body positive, since there’s nothing that I hate more than falling in love with an outfit and design, then realising that it doesn’t come in your size. With The Oodie, that’s not a problem at all.

Not only is The Oodie pleasing on the eyes, but they’re super comfy too. We found that while all of them were fluffy, warm, really nice to touch and wear, the lighter coloured ones appeared to be slightly softer than those of darker colour. Perhaps this may be due to the dyeing and printing of the hooded blankets, but honestly, this is just a minor thing and doesn’t take away from the comfort and quality.

Our only critique is that we feel that there should be more video game related designs, perhaps LEGO, llamas, tea/coffee, fireworks, anime, Disney Princesses or even superheroes would be great, but maybe these will come in time? I am excited for the future of this adorable Aussie hooded blanket and I’m confident that they have so much more up their sleeve in the not too distant future.

Overall, we highly recommend The Oodie, not just because they’re warm, but for the ability to keep you cozy while showing off something that you love (in my case, it was penguins), while curling up with a good book, your favourite movie, TV show, or even the newest video game you’ve purchased that you’re hyped for. And to be able to relax and be comfortable during this unprecedented time? That is the greatest gift.

The Oodie was provided for the purpose of this review.
For a $30 AUD discount ($30 USD/£/€ off, except in Norway 25% off), feel free to use the code ‘LILITHIA’ at checkout.

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