The Nun – Film Review

In 2016 we first met The Nun played by Bonnie Aarons, when she made a creepy appearance in The Conjuring 2. Fast forward to 2018 when The Nun goes solo and gets her own spin-off movie.

We meet Sister Irene played by Taissa Farmiga and Father Burke played by Demián Bichir who are sent to Romania to investigate the death of a nun found by a local resident, Frenchie played by Jonas BloquetIrene and Burke learn the history of the demon ‘Valak’ who takes form of The Nun and has taken over the abbey. Along the exploring of the abbey, Irene meets the ghost of Sister Oana played by Ingrid Bisu, who reveals clues to stopping ‘Valak’ by finding a hidden cross filled with the blood of the one and only, Jesus Christ.

After being separated throughout the film, Irene, Burke and Frenchie come together and discover a tunnel entrance where they must enter and attempt to stop ‘Valak’ by pouring the holy blood over the door to the demonic world to seal it shut.

If you’ve seen the previous movies in The Conjuring Universe then you know these movies love to give their audience a good scare. However, this movie fell flat with the scare factor. There was more laughter from the audience than squeals or gasps.

I was so disappointed because I remember being absolutely terrified of The Nun’s character in The Conjuring 2. Everything about her was creepy and made me want to sleep at night with a light on. The Nun still looked frightening in this current movie, but it just wasn’t the same. There needed to be disturbing scenes that would make you want to look away from the screen, but all we see is a couple of PG rated deaths.

The Nun is a movie for any horror lovers. You can watch this movie even if you haven’t seen the previous films as the film doesn’t hold a strong connection to the previous movies in the franchise. With little scares, great special effects and amazing performances from the actors, I would have to say The Nun was a slight let down with very little jumping scenes.

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One thought on “The Nun – Film Review”

  1. Nubby says:

    I totally agree , this was the least scariest out of the series. It was was more of a zombie film than a scary film. The unexpected scare scenes was cool though, different to what viewers would expect..BUT NEEDED MORE SCARE SCENES

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