The Lodge – Film Review

The Lodge is a new genre of horror that explores the dark and sinister story of a family trapped in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a blizzard storm.

Focused on a small family, Richard (Richard Armitage) introduces his two young children Aiden (Jaeden Martell), Mia (Lia McHugh) and soon to be stepmother Grace (Riley Keough). After their father separated from their mother Laura (Alicia Silverstone) the two children refuse to welcome Grace with open arms and to support their fathers decisions.

Determined to make everyone get along, Richard arranges time out from his busy work schedule to spend time with his two children, accompanied by Grace at their holiday cabin in the remote forest for Christmas in the snow. Once arriving at their destination, Grace attempts to reach out to the children by creating conversations and playing in the snow with them. At this point you start to feel sorry for her, as you can see and understand that Grace wants to get along with the kids, but the two children are too stubborn to allow Grace into their lives.

With Richard’s work getting in the way, he leaves Aiden and Mia with Grace and travels back to the city to get some work done, explaining that he’ll return in a couple of days. Spending their first night away from their father, Grace, Aiden and Mia wake up to their belongings mysteriously missing, dead phone batteries and no electricity. With the snow coming down heavy, the three are unable seek help and must remain indoors to survive. With no heat or contact to the outside world, the three can only put their differences aside for survival against this strange and peculiar evil force.

The Lodge deliverers an intense and terrifying new horror genre. With an opening scene that will leave you shocked and disturbed, the film is truly a new and refreshing twist to horror films. The cinematography is also incredible, with close-up shots of their actors faces. A lot of the time the camera would be shot from higher angles that fully showed the actors expressions and leaving me with chills.

Keough does an incredible job in her role, making viewers feel the rollercoaster of emotions that Grace goes through. The tone of her voice and body movements has you feeling sorry for this poor girl as she attempts to become a part of the family.

With some disturbing eye-opening scenes that may leave some shaken up, The Lodge explores a frightening story like you’ve never seen before. With plenty of bone-chilling moments, this a film is targeted for film lovers of horror and suspense.

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