The Furies – Film Review

The Furies is an Australian horror, focusing around the story of a group of woman who have been kidnapped and placed in the outback to be hunted by masked men.

When young Kayla (Airlie Dodds) is kidnapped and wakes up in enclosed coffin-like box, claustrophobia sets in and Kayla breaks free, gasping for fresh air. Discovering she’s been placed in an unknown location in the outback, Kayla begins to look around for help and encounters some women who are all experiencing the same horrifying situation.

Grouping with the woman, Kayla learns that she is a part of a messed up game where unknown men wearing masks that look like rotting skin, hunt the woman down to brutally torture them to death. While having some close calls with the masked men, Kayla begins to piece together the rules of the game and that the women may share a connection to these killers.

Kayla teams up with the woman and alliances are made, but with only knowing small details of each other, how well can these women trust each other? After all, this is a game of survival.

As much as it is nice to see Australian talent on the big screen, we really lack in creating a great horror film. I struggle to remember the last time we produced an enjoyable slasher film.

Airlie Dodds as Kayla is the best part of this film. Her acting was believable and managed to capture my attention, but her fellow peer Lindo Ngo who played Rose was incredibly frustrating. Her one tone whining voice became so annoyingly irritating, I actually longed for her to be killed off quickly.

The Furies is another example of another underwhelming horror made in Australia. The suspenseful killing scenes were slow with what looked like a lot of hesitation from the actors. Could this be part of the film to drag out the nail biting moments, or were the actors not believable enough? Either way it all became too unrealistic for me as I felt most of the killing scenes were slow and could’ve been done quicker to boost the tension and excitement.

However, when the killing scenes were done quick and brutally, they were great. But for some moments it all became a bit of a joke. There’s a scene involving a killer and one of the victims where a slice from a sharp object to the stomach leads to the intestines all falling out into their hands. I couldn’t help but have a small laugh as I don’t think I’ve seen this happen in horror films since the 90’s. Sadly The Furies is a film I can only recommend to horror fan who enjoy a cheap thrill.

The Furies will be showing in selected cinemas from November 7th.

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