Morgana – Film Review

After a strongly conservative upbringing and 20 years in a “fairy tale” marriage wife and mother Morgana Muses finds herself at the end of her rope. After divorcing her husband Morgana plans one big hoorah before planning to take her own life, but instead her life takes a huge turn after a sexual awakening at the age of 47.

Feature documentary Morgana explores the sexual journey of Morgana Muse, who innocently enters an amateur porn competition, and wins first place! From there we follow Morgana as she rises through the porn industry, winning many awards, but also her struggle with self confidence and mental health issues.

I found the documentary to be quite an interesting peek (well, alot more than a peek) behind the curtain of the feminist porn industry, which caters more to female oriented pornography. It was also fascinating to see the process behind creating a film, a lot more goes into it than you would think, as well as the marketing, film festivals and also conventions all over the world.

The story of Morgana is quite unique in some ways, but unfortunately also probably quite common to some. The documentary was quite a rollercoaster of emotions and really had me hoping for a happy ending for Morgana Muse, I felt a real connection and emotion for her journey.

This is a film about a woman bucking “tradition” and taking what’s hers, feeling empowered, and I think there should be way more of that in this world!

Morgana can be viewed on demand as part of the Sydney Film Festival, running from June 10th to 21st.
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