Kick-Ass 2 – Film Review

Kick-Ass 2 is the follow up sequel to the successful and smart 2010 film, Kick-Ass. We see a return of our favourite characters; “Dave/Kick-Ass” played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, “Mindy/Hit-Girl” played by Chloë Grace MoretzClark Duke as “Marty” and “Chris D’Amico” played by Christopher Mintz-Plausse.

We are also introduced to new characters in the film, such as “Colonel Stars and Stripes” played by Jim Carrey, “Night Bitch” played by Lindy Booth and Donald Faison as “Dr. Gravity”.

Whilst it was great to be reunited with our favourite characters, the film does not utilize the new characters, and like most other sequels, this sequel falls short of its original. What I loved about the original, was no where to be found in this sequel, besides Hit-Girl‘s fight scenes. What was once amazing, fresh and clever has now become boring, reused and flat. And whilst I can say that Aaron Taylor-JohnsonChloë Grace Moretz and surprisingly Donald Faison did a decent job in this film, their acting cannot save this movie from being a parody of it’s successful predecessor.

I really hope they don’t make a third movie. In my opinion, this is about as far as the storyline can go. If you have seen the first film and are curious to watch the sequel, I wouldn’t urge you not to. However, don’t expect anything amazing. I really love the idea of superheroes being shown in a new light, but considering this film, it isn’t ‘new‘ anymore. It’s time to move on.

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