Godzilla (2014) – Film Review

Godzilla” is a new film, with a new storyline and new concept, but uses classic monster character, Godzilla and stays true to the Japanese film series that is beloved. Despite being a better movie than it’s awful 1998 predecessor remake, the 2014 film is not without it’s flaws.

We start the film off following Bryan Cranston‘s character, Joe Brody who loses his wife to an unknown phenomenon that is passed as a natural disaster which Joe does not accept. Years later, his grown son Ford, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson track back their steps to find out the truth. Monsters are revealed, which of course is what we all expected, but it’s not the title character that is causing havoc. But then all of the sudden we end up following Ford for the rest of the film, which is puzzling as I cannot understand why Joe Brody was not the main character throughout the entirety of the film and I found myself missing his character whilst watching the rest of movie.

I am unsure whether it is the script or just the acting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as his character Ford does not convey much emotion through the film, and I feel like he should have been more emotional as his character is very cardboard and one dimensional. I’m not saying he was bad, but he wasn’t great either.

Ken Watanabe plays Dr. Ishiro Serizawa who is a scientist whom was previously researching the beasts before all hell broke loose. Despite always being a delight to watch, Watanabe‘s presence in the film is wasted, and I honestly can’t remember him doing anything much important besides saying the words “Godzilla” and fangirling over the epic Japanese monster. I am a big fan of Ken Watanabe, however his talent is wasted in this film.

I thought the graphics, the directing and the music of the film were fantastic. The film has a great build up, and the suspense was on par. But if you are wanting to see monsters beast each other up for the entirety of the movie, you will be disappointed. This film focuses more on the human outlook of nature, and portrays the monsters more so as animals fighting for survival and following their instincts.

Would a Godzilla fan be happy with this film? Yes. Would you understand this film even if you don’t follow the Godzilla franchise? Yes. Is this film better than the 1998 remake version? Damn straight it is. Did I love the film? No. But I was satisfied. The US remakes so far haven’t been getting Godzilla’s essence and physical look right, but at the very least, this 2014 looks more like the Godzilla we all know and love, even if he looks as if he attacked a burger joint first.

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