Come to Daddy – Film Review

In a secluded cabin somewhere along the coast of California a young 30-something mummy’s boy visits his father after receiving a letter inviting him to stay. Norval Greenwood, played by Elijah Wood, hasn’t seen his father since he was very young, and is shocked when he finds his father to be rather abrasive and feeling like a burden, leaving him to wonder why he even invited him there in the first place. After a heated argument everything begins to unravel and the real truth is discovered.

Come to Daddy is a rather short film that starts off quite slow as the story builds a relationship and background between Norval and his father, who is played by Stephen McHattie. But as the action starts to kick off, it keeps on coming and has you on the edge of the seat. 

Wood’s portrayal of Norval is fantastic. He delivers a performance filled with anxiety and uncertainty throughout the film. He is a sheltered man with a rocky past and issues with alcoholism and mental illness, which I thought was well conveyed by Wood. He was timid, uncomfortable and on edge, which left me feeling anxious too. Stephen McHattie delivered a menacing and intense performance as Norval‘s father Brian, making me feel uncomfortable and sympathetic for how Norval would be feeling in his situation.

Come to Daddy doesn’t have the most unique or original storyline, but it is packed with enough twists and turns to keep the viewer interested. There are some scenes of violence, one of which I thought had a very ‘Tarantino-esque’ style to it, gory but with a nice hint of humour. This had me squirming in my chair, as well as rooting for Norval to make it out alive.

Overall, Come to Daddy is a great little film. The story was strong enough to keep me interested, and had some very unexpected twists. Some great performances combined with some very tasteful and visually appealing cinematography coupled with the intensity, had me hanging off my seat. If you are either a horror or dark comedy fan, make sure you catch Come to Daddy. Available on VOD April 1 2020, Google Play and iTunes from mid-April 2020.

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