About Time – Film Review

The trailers do not do this movie justice. It looks as though this is just another typical romantic comedy, but it’s not. “About Time” is actually one of the most beautiful films I have seen. Actually, let me reinstate that. This is one of the best films I have ever seen.

When 21 year old Tim played by Domhnall Gleeson is told by his father played by Bill Nighy that he can time travel, Tim decides that he wants to use this power to get a girlfriend. When by chance meeting Mary played by Rachel McAdamsTim decides this is the girl he wants to be with and does everything in his power to try romance her and convince her to be with him.

But About Time isn’t just about romantic love. It’s about all kinds of love; romantic, friendship and family. And whilst this film is advertised as a romantic comedy, it’s so much more than just that. With hidden undertones of morals and life lessons that life is finite, About Time is a beautiful masterpiece that reminds us to appreciate every single moment in life. In fact, by the end of this film I recall that there was a not a single dry eye in the cinema. Not even mine.

Domhnall Gleeson may be known to some as “Bill Weasley” in Harry Potter, but in About Time his talents are truly shown. Despite the time travel part of the story, the emotions Tim feels and goes through are all real, relatable and Domhnall Gleeson‘s ability to emotionally connect his character with the audience is astoundingBill Nighy also has his part to play in making this film as good as it is. His character being fun, loving, charismatic, wacky and lovable, but still very real. Richard Curtis, director and screenwriter of About Time has been praised for many of his past films including “Love Actually” and “Notting Hill”. But with About Time he has truly outdone himself. Together combined, I really mean it when I say this is a truly beautiful movie that will touch your heart.

If there is only one movie that you will see all year for 2013, I beg you, PLEASE let it be THIS ONE.

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