You Suck at Parking *Demo* (PC) – Gaming Review

You Suck At Parking, created by developer and publisher Happy Volcano, is a game that will challenge you to race through an obstacle course and park your car without crashing. While finally reaching your goal is satisfying, crashing is fun too!

This game works by setting you up in an overworld map that you can drive around to explore and get a feel for the controls or go find the next set of levels by driving up to a big square marked with a P.  Each set of stages will ramp up in difficulty and you will need to pass each one and get points towards an unlock for other sets around the map. Some stages will have one parking space you need to complete, while others will have more!

If you crash, run out of fuel or stop for too long, your run is failed and the car will stay in that place on the course. While you will start again with a new car, you can however push the old cars into the parking spaces for a completion, so get creative with your solutions! The game will autosave your progress and can replay previous stages to get a parking point you may have missed.

Mastery of the controls is the key to winning each course and while the early stages are basic, I feel the game could use a tutorial to go over the controls. I had to check the control settings in the menu to learn what I was able to do. You can use a keyboard or a controller, with the latter being more comfortable for me. While the menu neatly lists what each button does in text, I’d much rather layout diagrams that my brain can digest quicker. You rebind any of the controls by selecting the ability and then pressing the desired button.

You Suck At Parking has an isometric viewpoint and a cel shaded art style, making it cute and colourful. The music is fairly relaxing, however the countdown ticking sound when you are running out of time to complete a stage certainly makes you feel under pressure!

For those that love racing the clock and honing their precision, You Suck At Parking is a fast paced fun game. It’s demo on Steam does not need a fully decked out gaming computer to run, making it a good option for those with older systems.

While You Suck At Parking isn’t officially due to come out for both PC and platforms until 2021. You can download the demo now for PC via Steam here.

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