YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore – Travel Review

If you’re staying in Singapore for one night, have an extended stop-over, if you’re an early flyer, a late-lander, or if your flight has been significantly delayed, YOTEL’s chain YOTELAIR, exclusively located at airports, is ideal and YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport for us was a godsend.

With our flight delayed from 9pm to 7am the next day, it was the best option for us to stay at YOTELAIR to rest and kill time before we needed to check-in. Sleeping at the airport is normally uncomfortable and impossible, so YOTELAIR has provided an option that I’m surprised nobody has really thought of earlier. Whether you have a long layover or a dreaded delay like us, YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport provided a welcome private corner where all the necessities are available for you to curl up and rest.

Because YOTELAIR is designed to be a brief respite prior to your flight, the capsule rooms are quite small. With limited storage space, we struggled to park our bags in Premium Queen Capsule Cabin and were essentially blocking the doors to both the bathroom and the exit door. There is baggage storage available at the facility but because our stay was brief, it was enough for us to overlook and get by. Stylishly lit in purple neon if you flicked the right switch, the compact and minimal cabin provided the comfort that we needed for our short stay.

While we did adventure outside of the accommodation, which is located inside Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport, we found our feet hurting after we walked around briefly. The airport shopping mall provided minimal seating but lots of food options and a food court on the lower floor which had a surprising number of seats. It was better to eat out within the airport shopping mall than to take the food back to the capsule room as there’d be no space for you to eat. Unless you want to eat on your bed and frankly, that’s weird.

There are a bunch of tables at YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport that appear to be on a sort of balcony deck that you could eat your meals at instead. But that’s if you really wanted to bring them back to the hotel which I found pointless, as once again, there’s no room for you to do so in your capsule room.

Not food related, there are other stores for shopping pleasures and we found much joy in visiting Pokémon Center Singapore which was the same floor as YOTELAIR just a handful of shops away, not even a minute’s walk. There were opportunities for photos in the store and we happily left with a Singapore Changi Airport exclusive Pikachu. The HSBC Rain Vortex was also a delight to visit. I’ve been seeing the indoor waterfall on social media for ages so it was nice to see it in person. What we didn’t know was that the Rain Vortex had lightshows in the evening and we managed to catch a really cool Disney 100 light show that we otherwise wouldn’t have seen if we weren’t staying overnight at YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport.

Although you can pay by the hour with a minimum of four hours per booking, we chose the overnight option due to our delayed flight circumstances and honestly, it was enough. We managed to shower, have a nap, and venture out to kill time before our flight. The bed itself is super comfy, however considering we were sharing between two, it did feel a bit claustrophobic. For one, the Premium Queen Capsule Cabin would be fine. There are other cabins available including the Premium Queen ADA and Family options that have more room space, but they weren’t available for us at the time we made our emergency booking.

Overall, YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport is an option should you need to stay near the airport an insane timed flight. I really wish more airports had YOTELAIR or something similar. For this trip, YOTELAIR was honestly a lifesaver.

YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport is located at Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore.
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Photography from YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport’s official website.

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