X-Men Days of Future Past – Film Review

The X-Men franchise is very dear to my heart. I grew up watching X-Men: The Animated Series when I was little and have mixed feelings about the film series. But X-Men: Days of Future Past blew me away. I was also lucky enough to attend the Australian premiere and got to see the film before many in my country (and with fans!), which made the experience all the more exciting.

X-Men: Days of Future Past takes from the Sentinels storyline comic-book fans know well, taking full advantage of bringing back the old actors and combining them with the new ones from the reboot films. Although the idea is genius, the storyline was not made for the films, already existing long before.

In the film, the X-Men send Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman back in time to change the past and prevent a doomed future, doomed for both humans and mutants alike.

With a great storyline, the return of our favourite mutants; WolverineProfessor X, Magneto, StormBeastIce ManKitty PrydeHavokMystique; and a star studded cast with the likes of Hugh JackmanNicholas HoultJames McAvoyMichael FassbenderJennifer LawrenceEvan PetersHalle BerryShawn AshmoreEllen PageLucas TillPeter DinklageSir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, together combined they make the perfect ingredients to make this film amazing. Not only that, but this film combines all the previous films in the franchise together to make the film series complete.

I absolutely LOVED this film. Not only is this film great for hardcore comic book fans, but those who are only familiar with the film series will be impressed by the film as well. I highly recommend a trip to the cinemas to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. It is smart, full of action, exciting and entertaining as hell. The storyline is true to the characters and the acting is superb. I only wish the film went for longer than it did as I found myself slightly unsatisfied as I wanted more.

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