What Goes Around – Film Review

What Goes Around is a new Australian slasher film focusing on a shy and slightly awkward student, Erin Macneil (Catherine Morvell) as she accidentally comes across some disturbing footage belonging to her uni crush.

While working at a small café, Erin finds a laptop that has been left behind, belonging to Alex Harrison (Jesse Bouma) who sits in front of her in class. Taking the laptop home, Erin can’t seem to help herself and opens the laptop to try and get a little more insight into Alex’s life.

Snooping through the laptop, Erin witnesses some gut-wrenching footage showing what appears to be a bloody murder, leaving Erin shaken up and unsure if what she just saw was real or an act. The following day, Erin is approached by Alex and quickly falls for his flirtatious charm, making her almost instantly forget what she had seen the previous night. The two connect over shared interests and Erin invites Alex to attend her birthday event with a few of her close friends.

As Erin and Alex get to know each other more and become closer, the friends surrounding the newly couple start to be mysteriously killed off by an unknown figure. With the murders being similar to the laptop footage, Erin must separate her fixation on Alex to help her friends before it’s too late.

While at times I did feel bad for Erin’s awkward character, I also felt frustration towards her with the way that she spoke towards her friends. Erin’s attitude changes pretty quickly once she becomes close to the man she has admired for so long. However, it all becomes an interesting part of her character arc, and you get to see a darker side to Erin.

What I enjoyed the most about What Goes Around, was the 90’s slasher vibe it had. The film didn’t try to be too over-the-top with the murders, they remained simple yet brutal, making you want to cover your eyes.

What Goes Around is a good Australian horror that is now available digitally on Prime Video, Vimeo on Demand and Genflix.

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