Ion Fury (Nintendo Switch) – Gaming Review

Voidpoint‘s Ion Fury, prequel to Interceptor Entertainment’s 2016 release Bombshell, offers a balance of awesome action, cool retro graphics and environments that really bring you back to the roots of first person shooters.

Set in a cyberpunk environment, Ion Fury feels like a mixture of both Doom and Wolfenstein, particularly in its atmosphere, soundtrack and overall look, I cannot help but feel this is a jump back in time. Ion Fury places you in the boots of Shelley ‘Bombshell’ Harrison, an agent for the G.D.F (Global Defence Force). Equipped with some heavy hitting weaponry, it is your mission to take down cult leader Dr. Jadus Heskel and his army of cyber-enhanced soldiers who have over run the futuristic city of NEO D.C.

The gameplay of this game is extremely retro and really gives off strong Doom and Wolfenstein vibes, mainly Wolfenstein with the super enhanced Nazi soldiers. Depending on your gaming skill, you can really up the experience by choosing from four different difficulty settings ranging from Easy to Ultra Hard. Attempting Ultra Hard mode was way out of my league, as I barely took a step and was shot dead. I love how this game really tests strategy, aiming and the mindset, as is not your typical shoot-em-up. Enemies crawl from all corners of the game, high and low, so you really have to think about how you’re going to get through. Don’t fret though as Ion Fury is equipped with some really impressive weapons to get you through the toughest situations; machine guns, grenades, shot gun and a hand-fast action revolver makes you just as lethal.

Every nook and cranny is always disguised by the element of surprise and you’re always second guessing what is behind the corner, which I really enjoyed. Treasure hunting is greatly encouraged, as a small crack in the wall could lead to a new weapon or something that may assist greatly in your journey.

The aiming system does take some time to getting used to and personally I find it took away some of the experience, especially if your gaming on a Nintendo Switch. I found myself cursing and swivelling the controls most of the time. I believe that perhaps the game would be a better and smoother experience played on PC, but that’s just me. As for replay value, you can take on bonus missions or revisit certain chapters that you may want to explore again.

Playing this game took me back to a great time of my childhood where I first got into first person shooters. Ion Fury is incredibly fun and fast-paced, with unique retro graphics, weapons and a killer soundtrack that really lifts the feel and experience of the game. If you love your unique old school retro vibe games, I highly suggest having this in the collection.

Ion Fury is available to play now on PC, XBox, PS4, Nintendo Switch.

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