Turtle Odyssey 3D (IMAX) – Film Review

Turtle Odyssey 3D is an IMAX documentary about the life of the ancient Green Sea Turtle. Narrated by Russell Crowe we follow the life Bunji as she sets off from the Great Barrier Reef to embark on an incredible journey of discovery. A journey that her kind have completed for millions of years.

The life of the Green Sea Turtle is quite the lonely one, it is also quite a dangerous one. Right from the moment they hatch they face a low probability of survival as the hurry across the sand to the ocean. Even once they reach the ocean, the young hatchlings are easy pickings for predators. But not for little Bunji as she fights off a gull and continues on her journey.

It is not just the natural predators that pose an ongoing threat to these majestic creatures. Humans and their every growing use of disposable plastics have become the biggest threat. Along with sea-grasses and algae, they also like to eat jellyfish and plastic bags drifting in the ocean. Sadly to the turtle, jellyfish and plastic bags are one in the same.

Threats aside, Bunji will travel thousands of kilometres across the open ocean on a miraculous journey that spans half way around the world. With millions of years of instinct, she will find her way back to the very same beach that she hatched from to lay her own eggs.

The documentary crew have brilliantly pieced together hours of footage into this little film. In stunning IMAX 3D both friends and foes of Bunji spectacularly leap out of the screen. The light-hearted narration from Russell Crowe with the added cheeky sound effects make it the perfect film for both young and young at heart.

First and foremost, Turtle Odyssey 3D is educational, with myself learning several interesting facts about these ancient creatures. But more importantly, it is the perfect narrative to educate and inspire the younger generation of the life of sea turtles and what they can do to help preserve these beautiful animals.

Turtle Odyssey 3D is playing at IMAX now and is certainly worth your time.

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