Turbo – Film Review

I had a good feeling about this film when I first saw the trailer. I’m so glad that I was right! Turbo is a delightful little tale about a garden snail that dreams to be so much more than he is. Influenced by his love of racing cars, with dreams of being fast “Theo” voiced by Ryan Reynolds is discontent with his life until a freak accident ends up making his dreams come true. But this film isn’t just about a snail making his dreams come true, it is also about helping others and believing in yourself above anything else.

With Michael PenaSnoop DoggMaya RudolphPaul GiamattiMichelle RodriguezRichard JenkinsLuis GuzmanKen Jeong and Samuel L. Jackson lending their voices for this film, it honestly sounds like a mixed bag of nuts, but it works.

Despite the simplistic plot, Turbo is actually really well done. Although it isanother story about an underdog trying to make his impossible dream come true, it is easy for any age to follow and enjoy, the animation quality is good and the characters are endearing.

I often find DreamWorks Animation films unsatisfying with their slapstick humour and unnecessary pop culture references. But Turbo is different, because Turbo actually has heart. And although this film will never be looked back at as “amazing”, I would still recommend a viewing. It is a good consistent film and I must give them credit for that.

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