Ting Lim: Every Ting and No Ting {Melbourne International Comedy Festival} – Comedy Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Admittedly, Ting Lim’s promotional image for her show ‘Every Ting and No Ting’ had me puzzled.

Displayed was Ting, drawn to look like a brash gangster, complete with knuckle rings on each hand that spelled out the name of her comedy show. What kind of show was this going to be? I was certain that from the artwork alone that this show wasn’t for me. So, it was a very welcome surprise when Lim ended up being the complete opposite of her promotional artwork, and I was proven wrong.

With a friendly face, approachable and kind, Ting Lim stepped onto the stage and warmly welcomed the audience, genuinely chuffed that during the biggest comedy festival in the southern hemisphere and with so many shows to choose from, people made the decision to see her. Equipped with only a microphone, microphone stand, and a wooden easel that had a closed notebook sitting on it, I was curious for what Lim had in store for us.

What we received was a wonderful evening of expertly executed storytelling. The Singaporean-born comedian shared tales of growing up in Singapore, her relationship with her family, her mother, the origin of her name, dating, ‘yellow fever’, relocating to Brisbane, and her journey into comedy, struggling with day jobs along the way.

What makes Ting Lim so likeable and funny is that her vibe is the perfect combination of dry and sweet. I understand that makes her sound like an alcoholic drink, but it is the best way to describe her. Ting’s comedy comes to her so naturally, it’s a mighty surprise that this visit is her very first to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Although, I am certain now that it won’t be her last.

Time with Ting Lim seemed to go so quickly, and I realise that it was because I was enjoying her show so much. My favourite part of ‘Every Ting and No Ting’ was when she finally revealed the contents of the notebook that mysteriously was waiting on the wooden easel for most of the show. This segment was not only entertaining, but educational too, which I loved. While I am of Chinese origins, I can’t speak or read Chinese, so I really appreciated this moment. Plus, it also proudly displayed Ting Lim’s own cultural identity, which I loved even more.

Smart, subtly sassy, and sincere, Ting Lim impressed with her storytelling and finesse. She may be a fresh face on the Melbourne comedy circuit, but I’m sure she’ll be a known name in comedy for years to come. Honestly, those promotional posters didn’t do this talented woman justice!

Unfortunately, I did catch Ting Lim on the final day of the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, however, she is still touring ‘Every Ting and No Ting’ nationally and has a few shows next month at the Sydney Comedy Festival. So, be sure to make a mental note to watch out for her name. She’s not only worth seeing but she’s well-worth the wait.

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