The Knight Before Christmas – Film Review

A year has past since Netflix released its Christmas film, The Princess Switch, and while we wait for the sequel to be released in 2020, we are provided with yet another Christmas themed film, The Knight Before Christmas starring the one and only, Vanessa Hudgens.

When Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) participates in a royal hunting game, he finds himself alone in the woods where he encounters an elderly lady shivering from the cold snow. Offering his service to help the lady to shelter, she sees the kindness in his heart and gifts him with a glowing object that time travels Cole from the 14th Century to the current modern day.

Being transported to the middle of a Christmas festival, Cole wanders around in confusion and finds himself bumping into Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) where the two have moment that only two strangers could experience in a romantic film, as they share a long pause and stare into each other’s eyes.

The two go their separate ways, but it’s not long before they find themselves bumping into each other once again, where Brooke learns quickly that the man she just met has no-where to sleep. With no concern of what could happen, Brooke offers her guest house to the handsome knight which he accepts with a gentle smile.

As the days edge closer to Christmas Day, the two bond, Brooke teaching Cole on modern day devices and surroundings, while Cole shares details on his family history. However just as the chemistry starts to rise, time becomes shorter for Cole and he must quickly learn how to use the glowing device to travel back to his century or be stuck in the present.

It seems Vanessa Hudgens has found her calling, and that is starring in Christmas films, which I am here for. I find her choices in roles to always have a very likeable character that both boys and girls can relate to. I do wish that in future films, she would change up her appearance as they all share a similar look. However, Hudgens always delivers an impressive performance in each role, separating her characters from one another.

The Knight Before Christmas is an enjoyable film that provides plenty of cliché scenes and heart-warming moments that the whole family can enjoy.

The Knight Before Christmas is now streaming across Netflix everywhere.

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