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Based sometime in the future, “The Host” tells a story of the human race being possessed by an alien species called “Souls”. There is only a handful of humans left that persevere with life despite being outnumbered. “Melanie Stryder” is one of these “free” humans, but isn’t for long. She is taken and becomes host to a soul called, “The Wanderer” and in turn together they must share one body. Determined to keep promises to the people she loves, Melanie seeks to protect the people she cares about and drags Wanderer along for the ride.

know that there are a lot of people out there that are hating on this film without even seeing it, just because it’s associated with Stephenie Meyer who is responsible for the Twilight series. Don’t be fooled by this nonsense. I am not a Twilight fan and I’m here to set the record straight – “The Host” is actually a brilliant movie.

I too was sceptical at first. Not because the book is bad, it’s not. It’s actually a great novel. I was sceptical because I actually wondered how could “The Host” be made into a movie because the way it is written, it has a lot of inner dialogue.

But then I found out that Andrew Niccol was the screenplay writer and director of the film and I had every faith that this film would turn out great because I trustAndrew Niccol. For those of you who are unaware of who Andrew Niccol is, let me educate you. Andrew Niccol is the brilliant and talented brain behind the films; “Gattaca”, “The Truman Show” and “In Time”. All these films on their own are amazing, and to know that they are all from the same creator make them even more impressive. So when I did find out that he was behind the creation of the film, I was relieved. I believed if anyone could do this novel justice, it’s him. And I was right.

Science fiction is my “bread and butter”. They’re my favourite kind of books and films. When originally stumbling upon The Host novel, I was delighted. When it comes to book adaptations being transferred onto the big screen, I am sure that many would agree most of the time fans are left disappointed due to the movie not being true to the book. With The Host finally being converted into film, I actually am quite pleased with the result and have no complaints.

This is a very stylish film, but I never expected anything less from Andrew Niccol. The costumes, the clever props, breathtaking sceneries, crazy vintage but futuristic costumes designs, the stunning chrome cars… I can’t help but love all of it. And I find myself with a strange desire for wanting a shiny silver Lotus car.

The acting is on par. Nobody is the weakest link. I really enjoyed Saoirse Ronan‘s acting as both “Melanie” and “Wanderer”. I don’t think I could see anyone else in this role as Saoirse Ronan has undeniable talent and pulled off both characters brilliantly, her acting is phenomenal and beyond her years. Diane Kruger is both stunning and terrifying as “The Seeker” who is determined to bring the remaining survivors of humanity down. William Hurt is great as Melanie‘s uncle, “Jeb”, the leader of the small pocket of humans in his territory. I also thoroughly enjoyed Chandler Canterbury as Melanie‘s brother, “Jamie”, and I have now developed a little bit of a crush on Jake Abel for his portrayal of “Ian”.

I really enjoyed this film. The plot is brilliant, Andrew Niccol is a genius and the cast are great. I don’t care if you like or don’t like Stephenie Meyer and Twilight because this is NOT Twilight – this is The Host! A completely unrelated storyline that actually is a brilliant fantastic concept regardless of anyone’s opinions. I enjoyed it so much, I was moved to tears.

A story of survival, perseverance, identity, love and the human spirit, The Host is a brilliant science fiction movie that is underrated and not getting the appreciation it deserves because there are too many close-minded people out there that don’t know what they’re missing. I highly recommend a viewing of this film for all those that truly love and appreciate science fiction. Definitely one of the most impressive films this year and now one of my ultimate sci-fi favourites.

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