The Blue Umbrella – Film Review

What I love about seeing Disney/Pixar animation films is that there is usually always a short film before the feature presentation. If you go early to the cinemas to watch Monsters University, you’ll be able to catch this little piece of magic called, The Blue Umbrella.

We follow the story of a little Blue umbrella that ends up falling for a Redumbrella. I guess I can say this, but I never thought I’d ship together two umbrellas before. I think that is the magic of animation, anything can have a personality and can come to life which is evident in this short film. Although simplistic and short, the film still manages to touch you, surprise you and leave you in awe. It may be short, but its delivery definitely isn’t. I daresay I enjoyed this more than the feature film and that’s saying a lot.

What I loved about this film was the fact that it looks real! It was only until I saw the umbrellas had faces did I realise that it wasn’t live action at all! I also believe director, Saschka Unseld has out done himself. Although the story may seem simple, the pacing is great, the idea is genius, and it all comes together perfectly.

The Blue Umbrella is a surprisingly beautiful love story between two umbrellas displaying the challenges of going after the one you love. I certainly will look at coloured umbrellas differently from now. This movie is magical! Umbrellas with personality AND a love story! What’s not to love?

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