The Big Sick – Film Review

There are very few movies that make you go through a rollercoaster of emotions. One single movie that makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you frustrated, makes you think and resonates with you long after the movie is over. There are even rarer movies that do all these things and are based on truth. The Big Sick is one of these films.

The Big Sick tells the story of comedian, Kumail Nanjiani who stars as himself opposite Zoe Kazan playing Emily, a non-Muslim Caucasian woman that he dates. Kumail and Emily clearly like each other a lot but due to cultural differences, they break-up. Not long after they break-up, Kumail is contacted by Emily’s friend who informs him that Emily is in the hospital. She ends up going into a medically induced coma and thus follows drama with not only Emily’s parents played by Ray Romano and Holly Hunter, but Kumail’s own parents.

I could really feel for Kumail and can imagine how painful it would have been to deal with the cultural difference issue in his relationship with Emily, and how difficult it would have been to address the issue with his own parents. I am in an interracial relationship and although I haven’t gone through the arranged marriage situation, I can understand how emotionally draining and frustrating it is to date someone from a different cultural background. But despite our differences, some relationships are worth fighting for.

Although the story does have many serious scenes, the film still manages to successfully step away to have very significant light-hearted and wonderfully funny moments. I can’t really point out any standout performances because every actor played their part to help make this beautifully written film the most perfect romantic-comedy that I have seen in years. And the fact that it is based on truth is even more incredible and impressive.

I laughed, I cried, and so did my partner. I genuinely hope that The Big Sick wins all the awards it’s ever nominated for because it damn well deserves it. The Big Sick is the perfect example of what all future romantic comedies should aspire to be; smart, deep, sweet and hilarious as hell. Bravo, Kumail and real-life Emily for writing and creating this independent heartfelt masterpiece, and thank-you.

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