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4th generation girl group Itzy are currently touring as part of their 2nd World Tour: Born To Be.

Despite being their second international tour, this tour will mark the first time that Itzy will visit Australia – next month with Sydney first at ICC Sydney Theatre on Sunday the 24th of March and Melbourne on Tuesday March 26th at Margaret Court Arena. So, in preparation, here’s a list my favourite Itzy songs with music videos (not all are necessarily singles).

12. ‘Bet On Me’ (2023) from the EP ‘Kill My Doubt’.
This underrated Itzy track is refreshing, catchy, yet at the same time, feels whimsical, ethereal and nostalgic.

11. ‘Icy’ (2019) from the debut EP ‘It’z Icy’.
This music video is particularly memorable because of the animations over the filmed footage that make Itzy look like they’re in a comic book world. Filmed in the United States, the dance break is the most defining of this early Itzy work. Also, who can forget Yuna’s iconic blonde hair in this? She looks gorgeous!

10. ‘Nobody Like You’ (2020) from Itzy’s second EP, ‘IT’z ME’.
The fourth track from their second EP, ‘Nobody Like You’ is a rock song with a music video that displays the Itzy members just happily vibing together and being themselves while they travel around the world. It’s such a cute song and music video that is usually known more among dedicated fans but is still well worth a listen regardless! Lia is especially super cute in this!

9. ‘Be In Love’ (2020) from Itzy’s third EP, ‘Not Shy’.
‘Be In Love’ is the sixth track on Itzy’s third EP and is quite possibly the cutest and sweetest of our list as it’s a peppy song with a music video that displays the girls just being their silly selves. This song and music video is one that Itzy have dedicated to their fans – Midzy.

8. ‘Sneakers’ (2022) from the EP ‘Checkmate’.
When ‘Sneakers’ first came out, I was quite hesitant about it as it was not what I expected. But I’ve come to love this song for how fun, carefree, happy and vibrant it is. I’m certain that this song will be a popular one live in concert too!

7. ‘Cake’ (2023) from the EP ‘Kill My Doubt’.
This catchy song actually has nothing to do with dessert. Instead, it is about enjoying life and taking things as they come. The music video is a bit humorous and even gives a little nod to the Korean viral series Squid Game. But also, listening to this song – I actually want cake now.

6. ‘Not Shy’ (2020) from Itzy’s third EP of the same name.
‘Not Shy’ was particularly iconic as not only are the Itzy members carrying out bold choreography. But at the time, the promotional images looked like movie posters and the music video itself also appeared as a short film with the narrative of Itzy carrying out an epic heist. Also, who can get over Yuna being an excellent rapper in this?

5. ‘Born To Be’ (2024) from Itzy’s current and third studio album of the same name.
‘Born To Be’ spares no expense with an abundance of dancers and captivating choreography that, along with the bad ass wardrobe, make Itzy look like feisty femme fatales that nobody should mess with. This song is a bona fide bop. I also love Yeji’s orange hair in this!

4. ‘Untouchable’ (2024) from the studio album ‘Born To Be’.
I am really loving Itzy’s new era, look, and the direction they’ve taken with their music. ‘Untouchable’ is a big reason for this with their attire, their hairstyles and colours, the epic choreography and of course, the iconic chorus. Chaeryeong particularly owns the floor in this music video. This is definitely her era!

3. ‘Loco’ (2021) from Itzy’s first studio album ‘Crazy in Love’.
I don’t care what you say, ‘Loco’ is the perfect Itzy song. It has great verses, a climax, a dance break, and the chorus is catchy as hell! Yeji with her half pink and half black hairstyle look may appear odd at first, but she pulls it off like the queen she is in true Harley Quinn vibes!

2. ‘Wannabe’ (2020) from the EP ‘It’z Me’.
The most memorable of Itzy’s choreography is that of the shoulder shimmy that Itzy but especially Ryujin masters in this song and music video. This song is an anthem for Itzy, Midzy and K-Pop fans everywhere as it has themes of self-empowerment, positivity, and being yourself. ‘Wannabe’ remains to this day one of Itzy’s best lead singles of all time.

1. ‘Dalla Dalla’ (2019) from the album ‘It’z Different’.
Five years ago, Itzy took the world by storm with their debut single ‘Dalla Dalla’. While the song is super catchy, the music video raised many questions. Why are the girls with luggage bags? Why are they on conveyer belts at an airport? Why is the dog changing colours? Why are they dancing on top of cars? It doesn’t matter because Itzy’s debut anthem about self-love and being proud of who you are is well worthy of being at the top of this list. Thanks to this song, Itzy remain to be a 4th generation K-Pop staple on everyone’s playlist and I guess the rest is history.

Are there any songs that you believe should have made the list? Or do you have a different order in comparison to mine? Feel free to share!

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