Snitch – Film Review

I can’t exactly say that I was originally excited to see this film. The way the trailer was produced makes this film seem more like a plotless ‘explosion-savvy’ action movie, but it’s notInstead, “Snitch” is actually a dramatic, thrilling tale based on a true story about a father willing to do whatever it takes to help save his sonThat’s right, the trailer above does not do this movie justice.

Dwayne Johnson is a great actor! I’ve never actually thought much of him before. I’ve always liked him as a wrestler, but I never really paid much attention to him as an actor. Usually he appears in films that don’t require much thinking (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). But I have to say that I was severely impressed by his acting chops in this film. I am happy to have been proven wrong after the viewing of this movie.

Dwayne Johnson plays “John Matthews”, a construction company owner who discovers that his estranged son has been arrested for drug trafficking. For a first time offender, the punishment is severe. In order to reduce his sentence, “Jason” played by Rafi Gavron is told that he must catch others who intend to distribute drugs but refuses to set people up like he was. To reduce his son’s sentence, John offers to go undercover and enter the narcotic underground making arrests on his son’s behalf.

I really loved Rafi Gavron‘s acting as Jason. Young, naive; you could really feel for his character and his character’s emotions over the unjust consequences. Susan Sarandon is also great in this playing “Joanne Keeghan”, the local US attorney that John make his deal with. I’ve never been much of a fan of Susan Sarandonin the past. She’s always been a great actress, but I’ve only warmed to her in the past few years. So the fact that I enjoyed her performance is actually a BIG thing for me.

Although I am impressed with Dwayne Johnson‘s acting in this film, I’m moreimpressed that this is based on a true story. I can’t imagine a parent doing thismuch to help their child, but then again I’m no parent, so maybe I don’t really understand from that perspective. Whilst I understand this film may never be a blockbuster hit or mind-blowing, I can say that I am so glad that I watched it.

Overall, “Snitch” is a solid dramatic thriller that’s consistent throughout the entire film. Good acting, great storyline, and a pleasure to view. If you like these kind of films, I definitely recommend seeing “Snitch”. Give this movie a chance as I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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