Silver Linings Playbook – Film Review

There are very few occasions when a movie is better than the book. “Silver Linings Playbook” is one of them.

I wouldn’t actually describe the movie as a “romantic comedy” or a “chick flick” because it’s so much more than that. It is a story of character development and growth. A bit like a “coming of age” story, except our characters are fully grown.

We follow the story of Pat played by Bradley Cooper, who has bi-polar disorder. He recently has been released from a mental health facility into the care of his parents after eight months of treatment. Pat discovers not only has his father lost his job and has resorted to gambling to earn money for a restaurant, but Pat‘s wife, Nikki has also left him.

On the other side of the spectrum we are introduced to Tiffany played by Jennifer Lawrence, who has her own problems. Together Pat and Tiffany form an odd fast friendship and we are taken along for the ride.

I thought the acting in this film was perfect. They couldn’t have picked a better cast. I have always been sceptical of Bradley Cooper in the past due to the type of films he has been in, but his portrayal of Pat really impressed me. I’m happy to admit that I was wrong about him. Bradley Cooper is indeed a great versatile actor that can do a variety of roles, and well. His portrayal of a character that suffers from bi-polar disorder was very convincing and I felt I became really attached to his character.

Jennifer Lawrence is outstanding in her role as Tiffany. You really feel for Tiffany. She’s depressed, broken yet still somehow holding it all together, and she still likes and accepts who she is.

It was great to see an Australian actress, Jacki Weaver in the mix acting alongside Robert De Niro playing Pat‘s parents. I found their characters very realistic and endearing. Robert De Niro in particular playing a somewhat OCD father.

It was also really refreshing to see Chris Tucker back on screen too as he mostly works as a stand-up comedian and we rarely see him in films anymore. Every single character has a part to play in this film, and it’s so great to watch.

This movie is relatable, whether or not you suffer the same afflictions as the main characters, I am sure we can all identify with the emotions and struggles the characters perceive. I could relate to Pat on a personal level which is probably why I was so moved by this film. It also sends a very uplifting message to find the “silver lining” in life.

I really struggled to write this review as there are only so many words to describe “amazing” until you are left lost for words with only just an elated feeling. Usually when I see a film a pick it apart and think about how it could have been better, but I really mean it when I say that this film was perfect. I have no complaints, and that’s rare. There is nothing missing in this film. I was moved to tears and it only takes the greatest films to do that to me.

Silver Linings Playbook” is a beautifulmovingbrilliant film and deserves all the hype it gets and then some. I really hope it wins all of the awards it’s nominated for.

I know the year just started, but “Silver Linings Playbook” is good enough to be movie of the year. loved it and I definitely want to go see it again.

Beautiful, enthralling, relatable, heart warming, a must watch… I could go on and on about this film provided I don’t run out of words to describe it. So I will leave you with one word you will understand more when you see this film…


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