Sam See: Government Approved Sex {Melbourne International Comedy Festival} – Comedy Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Singaporean comedian Sam See provides the perfect mash-up of education and comedy with his show ‘Government Approved Sex’.

In a filled Backstage Room at Melbourne Town Hall, the well-dressed comic in a nice jacket and bowtie is equipped only with a microphone, TV screen, and his wit. For almost an hour, Sam displays a quirky styled PowerPoint presentation and open discussion on all thing sex related.

For Sam’s show, audience participation plays an important part, and no matter where you sit, Sam will try to get you involved. For those that fear being picked on, this show is nothing like that. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Not only is Sam See not intimidating but he appears quite trustworthy and very friendly. Although a bit hesitant at first, patrons were quickly more than willing to comfortably pitch in and guesstimate stats with the kind and approachable, See.

Nothing is taboo with Sam when it comes to sex with discussions including kinks and BDSM, and the room is considered a safe space with no judgement. But things are very different when it comes to Sam’s own sexual escapades. Cleverly aligned with his informative sex facts, Sam unloads to the audience the highs and lows of his own romantic endeavours. After all, sex and love are entwined.

I loved how Sam See bravely tackles the topic of sex with informative advice, scientific facts, and instructions probably braver than any of my schoolteachers ever were. However, his own story feels incomplete. We’re taken on a journey through Sam’s past, with Sam more than willing to openly share in detail about losing his virginity, his sexuality, and his recent love struggles. But we’re never told the end. How is Sam now? Is he dating? Is he single? Is he okay? We don’t know and don’t find out because Sam never shares this. It felt a little strange to address the past but never the present. For relationships, self-love is also the most important aspect before even jumping into a relationship, but this is also left unsaid.

Overall, Sam See’s ‘Government Approved Sex’ is thoroughly entertaining. The show began with the audience contained in a nervous laughter which was masterfully transformed by the end into a loud supportive cheer. In his Australian-debut, Sam See is naturally funny, extremely likable and ferociously charming.

Sam See’s ‘Government Approved Sex’ is in Australia as part of the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. While his main shows are over (ended yesterday on April 9th), See did tease another festival show may be announced. So for more information and ticketing, you can stay tuned via the links below:

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