Runner Runner – Film Review

When you watch a film, you want to be able to identify and cheer for the main character. Ideally, you would want to be on their side. In Runner Runner, I did not feel this way at all.Justin Timberlake plays Richie Furst who is a student financially struggling to be able to afford his tuition. In order to stay afloat, he works as a referrer for an online casino influencing both students and teachers alike to gamble. When discovered and frowned upon for his actions despite having good intentions for his education, he decides to gamble everything away in order to double or nothing his current finances since he has no other options.

Richie finds himself diving in head first into a world of money, power and corruption, with Gemma Arterton character Rebecca as co-creator to this underground world, and Ben Affleck‘s character Ivan Block as it’s ruler. Richietakes advantage of the opportunities that are presented to him, gaining a new job, money and a new life. He thoroughly enjoys living in luxury until he is asked to invest more into Ivan Block‘s company to keep what he has gained.

I found the plot to be quite terrible and every single character was despicable in an extremely boring way. I couldn’t hate the bad characters, I couldn’t like the ‘meant to be’ good characters. I honestly can’t say much about the acting, I am not fond of Gemma Arterton as she is pretty but awful every time I see her in films. But the fact that Justin Timberlake is usually average and Ben Affleck is hit or miss depending on the quality of the script, I believe it is fair to say that the script was also ridiculously bad.

Possibly enjoyable if you checked this film out on DVD. But if you want to see this film at the cinemas, I highly recommend you go see something else. If not a forgettable film, it will at least be that awful movie you’ll recall where Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck starred together and sucked.

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