RoboCop (2014) – Film Review

I really loved the original film, so I had hoped that this remake would’ve been a nice tribute to the original film, however I was sincerely disappointed.

Robocop (2014)” is one of the worst remakes ever made. The entire storyline is an insult to the 1987 original science-fiction masterpiece. Instead of a man having his deceased remains donated to science, we have a man who is near death, yet kept alive by robotics. THAT change made me extremely uncomfortable during viewing the of this remake, as it seemed morally wrong. The storyline did not flow at all and the plot never really came to a resolution. It didn’t help that I wasn’t really cheering for anyone, and I kept constantly hoping the main character, Alex Murphy played by Joel Kinnaman would die to put the character out of his misery.

The fact that there a lot of well known actions in this film with the likes of Gary OldmanMichael KeatonJennifer EhleAbbie CornishJay Barucheland Samuel L. Jackson makes the film sound promising. But all that talent goes to waste because the storyline is so bad. I could be stuck in an elevator for the same amount of time this film runs for, and still be more entertained than watching this movie. That is how bad this movie is.

The fact that there are so many talented actors in this film, and the movie still turning out to be awful actually makes me question the talents of all these actors. The constant exposure of Samuel L. Jackson making appearances throughout the movie to say scripted nonsense as a fictional version of himself in an attempt to fool audiences into thinking “You know what, this film isn’t that bad. I mean, it’s got Samuel L. Jackson in it.” were obvious and ridiculous. I honestly love that man as an actor, but even in this film I couldn’t stand him. His character doesn’t even exist in the original film!

To conclude, this movie sucks. There is no nice way of saying it. If you’re really curious, you can wait for it to come out on dvd, but even then, SERIOUSLY, you’re better off watching something else… like the original film. Don’t watch this shit. I’m doing you a favour right now, seriously, don’t. DON’T.

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