Red 2 – Film Review

It’s not often that a sequel is better than the original. “Red 2” is just one of those select few that surpasses its original with flying colours. With more action, more laughs, more cast and more entertainment, Red 2 is the perfect example of a movie with ingredients used correctly in creating the perfect action comedy film.

Red 2 not only has good cinematography, special effects and a great storyline, but the film also has a talented cast! With the return of Bruce WillisHelen MirrenJohn MalkovichMary-Louise ParkerBrian Cox and the addition of Catherine Zeta-JonesDavid ThewlisByung-hun Lee and Anthony Hopkins, the cast all work together to help make this film as good as it is.

Frank” played by Bruce Willis is reunited with his old friend “Marvin” played by John Malkovich and together along with Frank‘s girlfriend “Sarah” played by Mary-Louise Parker, they try to find out why they have a target on their heads and unfold the past.

If there are scene stealers in this film, the culprits would have to be Helen Mirrenas “Victoria” and Byung-hun Lee as “Han”. If you did not think Helen Mirrenwas bad ass before in the first film, you definitely will be convinced now. As for Byung-hun Lee, you may actually recognise him as he also played “Storm Shadow” in the “G.I. Joe” films. The difference is, in Red 2 not only are Byung-hun Lee‘s amazing martial arts skills given more screen time, but the man is actually a pretty good actor! I actually found myself fangirling him during his action scenes, and I recognised him right away!

I definitely approve of Red 2. I laughed, smiled and enjoyed everysingle fight scene, death and explosion. Action-packed with a lot of humour to boot and a star-studded talented cast, this movie can’t go wrong. I know Bruce Willis is the main character, but I strongly advise you to go see Helen Mirren in all her sexy, feisty bad ass glory. You’d be foolish not to.

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