R.I.P.D. – Film Review

R.I.P.D. otherwise known as the “Rest In Peace Department” are a law enforcement that co-exists in between worlds. Ryan Reynolds plays recently slain cop, “Nick” who teams up with unwilling new partner, Jeff Bridges‘ character “Roy”. Together they must learn to get along and work to remove the dead that cling to the world of the living. Nick leaves behind his wife “Julia” played by Stephanie Szostak and his partner, “Hayes” played by the one and only Kevin Bacon. I also felt that Mary-Louise Parker was a scene stealer as “Proctor“.

I felt like the storyline was as if it was based on a video game. I didn’t have high expectations when seeing this film, and I knew it wasn’t really one to take seriously. I guess that’s perhaps why I actually enjoyed it and that I found many parts of the film funny!

If you want to watch something, random, funny and doesn’t really require much thinking BUT still has a decent plot, then this movie is definitely one you should consider watching. It was fun to watch and I left the cinemas satisfied. It isn’t amazing, but really, who cares?

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