Paperman – Film Review

I understand that some people dislike going early to the cinemas to avoid the advertisements and skip the trailers. But I love it. I love going at least half an hour early before my film starts to watch all of the movie trailers. But when it comes to seeing a Disney film, you get an extra treat. It’s be known for some time now that Disney play short films before they play the feature film.

Paperman is actually a Disney animated short film that plays just before Wreck-It Ralph when you go see it at the cinemas. The short film is a love letter to classic 2D animation telling the story of “boy meets girl, meets paper“.

What I love about it is that it’s actually completely in black and white, and there is absolutely no dialogue. Despite this, the story doesn’t lack at all. In fact, the lack of colour and dialogue only enhances the story where actions speak louder than words.

You’ll have to go see it to understand what I’m talking about, but I highly suggest that if you are going to see Wreck-It Ralphgo early. You don’t want to miss this adorable little film. It may be short, but it’s long enough to make you smile, laugh, cry and tug at your heart strings.

Paper with personality, what’s not to love?

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