Noelle – Film Review

Disney+ is the newest addition to the streaming services, competing alongside other sites such as Netflix, Stan, and more. With already some tough competitors, Disney+ offer its own original films including the Christmas family film, Noelle. With Disney+ going live mid-November across Australia, it helped push that early Christmas cheer by releasing Noelle, which was originally titled ‘Nicole’ but was changed to Noelle to go with the Christmas theme.

Noelle explores the life of Santa and his jolly family, as he passes down the family legacy to his son Nick Kringle (Bill Hader) in becoming the next future Santa. As Nick struggles to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be Santa, his sister Noelle (Anna Kendrick) makes a friendly suggestion that Nick should go away for a couple of days to clear his mind and come back refreshed for the job.

Having never stepped outside of the North Pole, Nick takes his sisters advice and leaves without notice and embarks to Arizona. When news spreads that Nick has left the village, panic sets into the community as they worry Santa is missing and won’t return in time to deliver the presents to all the good children across the world. With little time before Christmas, Noelle makes it her mission to bring back her brother and restore the Christmas spirit amongst her village and discovers some hidden skills along the way.

Every year when it gets closer to December, the excitement builds inside me in expectation for what cheesy Christmas films are going to be released, and Noelle provided that thick cheesy goodness. Even though within the first 5 minutes you can tell how Noelle is going to end, it still provides the goods.

Noelle was originally set to be released in cinema, but Disney decided to withdraw that movement and went with releasing it as a Disney+ original to help boost subscriptions. I must say, I’m glad that they went with this decision as I don’t see the film being a huge blockbuster hit at the cinemas. I struggled to understand what audience they were targeting, as presumably I would’ve thought this film would be perfect for the younger children, but it lacked a bit of the silly humour that only a child could laugh at. I still enjoyed it as Anna Kendrick offers her witty humour and delivers some festive Christmas puns making her endearing and entertaining to watch.

If you enjoy a good holiday flick, grab your family and friends, heat up a hot chocolate, and curl up with Noelle.

Noelle is now streaming across Disney+ everywhere.

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