Night School – Film Review

Night School is the latest comedy flick starring Kevin Hart as Teddy Walker alongside Tiffany Haddish as Night School teacher, Carrie. Teddy Walker, a high school dropout, finds himself back at his former High School to complete his GED.

We are introduced to Teddy as a high school student, struggling to concentrate during his final exams. After a dramatic exit, we cut to 2018 and Teddy is a successful salesman with an expensive car and a beautiful girlfriend. When his world is turned upside down, his old high school friend Marvin, played by Ben Schwartz, offers him a job. However without a GED, he cannot accept.

Using his sales skills, Teddy pleads and bargains with teacher Carrie, for a quick solution. When Carrie can’t be bought he’s forced to put in the hard work. Still looking for the easy way out, Teddy forms an alliance with his classmates to cheat their way through the course.

We are no stranger to Kevin Hart in films at the moment, but they are usually alongside another strong actor. Take Central Intelligence for example, without Dwayne Johnson, the film probably would have been a flop. Sadly I feel Night School is a flop. Whilst it had its moments where I found myself actually laughing, most of the film wasn’t funny at all. In saying that, the chemistry between all the classmates was great. I also found myself wanting more screen time between Teddy and his partner, Maya portrayed by Yvonne Orji. If we knew more about their relationship, perhaps Teddy returning to school would have more meaning.

Night School is out in cinemas now, though I suggest you wait until it is available on your favourite streaming service and not waste your money on the DVD. It’s really not worth the admission fee.

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