N.Flying: Once In A Blue Moon – K-Pop Release Review

N.Flying have grown over the years to become one of my favourite K-Pop artists.

What I love about N.Flying is that they’re a band. They write, compose, produce, and create all their own music, and they play their own instruments too.

What they lack in the dance department (and honestly, I don’t mind at all) when it comes to K-Pop standards, they more than make up for with their talent, their charm, their catchy tunes, and their thoughtful lyrics. Whether it be funny, silly, romantic or reflective, N.Flying have it all and more.

I became an N.Flying fan during their ‘Oh Really’ single era from their ‘So, Communication’ EP. They caught my attention not only because they were playing their own instruments (incredibly rare in K-Pop) but because of their charisma and quirky sense of humour. N.Flying have the uncanny natural ability to make fun of themselves in a wholesome way and I love that.

Although the band has changed line-ups over the years since their 2011 debut, I’ve only ever known their line-up from 2020 onwards consisting of Seunghyub, Hun, Jaehyun, Hweseung, and Dongsung, as that was when I discovered them and started to pay attention to their music.

To commemorate their 8th anniversary of being in the music industry, the FNC Entertainment K-Pop band have a released a special single titled ‘Once In A Blue Moon’. On this digital only release in celebration, N.Flying have gifted their fanbase ‘N.Fia’ two songs; ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Tree’.

‘Tree’ is a beautiful power ballad with piano sounds, insane vocals, and an excellent guitar solo. It’s the type of song you’d want to slowly wave around your cigarette lighter, phone light, or lightstick to. It’s powerful, emotional, and reassuring. Plus, Hweseung’s vocals on this track are mind-blowing. I know he’s very capable but every time I hear him hit the high notes, I’m floored by his massive vocal range and power. The song provides a message of comfort to those who are exhausted from chasing their dreams.

Meanwhile lead track ‘Blue Moon’, written by Seunghyub under his writing credit name ‘J. Don’ provides an upbeat, inspiring, and fun song that’s catchy, hopeful, and heartfelt. In true Seunghyub fashion, there’s also great rap piece in the middle that only makes the song more powerful and moving. N.Flying have created an unconditional loving anthem that makes you want to dance like nobody’s watching and sing at the top of your lungs. This flawless gorgeous tune is a love song about relishing in the beautiful fleeting moments of life and N.Flying wanting to be forever with their fans.

Together, these two wonderfully written and stunning songs make up ‘Once In A Blue Moon’, a very sweet gift for N.Fia. I can honestly say that this EP is one of my favourites of theirs and it’s just a shame that it is a digital only release. Because I would have purchased a physical copy in a heartbeat! ‘Tree’ makes me want to hug my pillow and reminisce and ‘Blue Moon’ is a song that I’ll be shamelessly playing on repeat (if not already) and is one that I will never get sick of. It’s that good.

This five piece band has provided another superb release with ‘Once In A Blue Moon’. Whether you are a current fan, a long time fan, or a new fan, N.Flying are here for you, are happy to entertain you regardless, and are willing to bring you unconditional joy with their music. If this is only a digital release, I cannot wait for what else they have in store for us in the not too distant future.

Once In A Blue Moon’ is now available on streaming services.
For more information on N.Flying and to listen to their music, visit:
N.Flying Official Site
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N.Flying on YouTube

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