Who’s Watch Inn: The Netflix Pub – Event Review

While footy season is over, Netflix season has only just begun.

To celebrate TUDUM 2022, Netflix have opened Netflix Pub, Who’s Watch Inn. The pop-up pub is in Melbourne, Australia for 5 days from Wednesday September 28 to Sunday October 2. The perfect watering hole for the avid Netflix fan, the venue is littered with iconic items from your favourite Netflix series and films.

Located in Carlton at the Clyde Hotel, there are fun activities that fans can take part in such as pub trivia Netflix style, a ‘Netflix Is A Joke’ comedy session with the likes of Urzila Carlson, Nazeem Hussain, and Melanie Bracewell, and there’s even an Emily In Paris event filled with jazz, champagne, and cheese.

If you miss out on any of the big events (sadly, we too missed out on tickets and can’t comment on the comedy portion as we didn’t attend – they were snapped up real quick), the venue is still open for walk-ins with impressive, tasty dishes complete with meals such as Bridgerton themed ‘Duke of Hastings Harvest’, ‘Salt and Pepper Squid Game’, ‘Emily In Parma’, and the classic ‘Netflix and Chips’. If this wasn’t enough to convince you to visit, every entrant (provided you’re 18 and over) gets a free drink thanks to Netflix.

Photo opportunity wise, there is heaps of Netflix themed items scattered throughout the venue including the Stranger Things grandfather clock, Heartbreak High’s infamous ‘Incest Map’ (seriously, the show is hilarious), a hilarious Schitt’s Creek sign that you and a friend can pop your heads in to pose with, an Emily In Paris park bench complete with fairy lights, and even a Squid Game piggy bank. If you didn’t already watch all these Netflix titles, you’ll be convinced to add one more to your list before leaving the venue (you can totally add them to your list via your app while you’re waiting for you meal).

There was something just so special about being in a pub with a drink on the house and being surrounded with cool Netflix items and likeminded folk that love Netflix just as much as you do. From memory, this is one of the first times I have witnessed Melbourne receive a lot of love from the streaming service. Usually, Sydney does get majority of the attention, but hopefully Netflix can see how much Melburnians love this sort of thing and that we get more fun little pop-up events for the shows and films we love in the not-too-distant future.

An official Bridgerton ball, perhaps (I’ve seen these held overseas and I’m completely jealous as I want one down here)? A ‘Netflix Is A Joke’ specific gala filled with Aussie comedians and filmed for distribution on the streaming giant? We also won’t say no to the Netflix pub making a comeback in the not too distant future to celebrate the next TUDUM. The possibilities are endless and we’re so ready.

Until then, pop on over to Who’s Watch Inn for your complimentary drink and soak up in the atmosphere of this corner pub turned Netflix haven before it disappears.

The Neflix PubWho’s Watch Inn will be at Clyde Hotel in Carlton, Melbourne until this Sunday the 2nd of October.
For more information, visit: https://www.netflixpub.com.au

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