Mountain – Film Review

Mountain is a documentary about man’s interest in climbing the highest peaks in the world. The film is narrated by international actor, Willem Dafoe with music accompanied by the Australian Chamber Orchestra providing classical music that enhances the visuals.

The film is visually stunning with amazing cinematography and really displays just how beautiful, tall and wild mountains can be. What I love about films like these, is that you get to experience the fantastic views of the world that you otherwise wouldn’t see. At one point, I almost fell asleep – not because the film was boring, but because the visuals, William Daffoe’s voice and the music were so soothing and I felt so calm.

Whilst I found this film enjoyable, it isn’t detailed in what it documents. The movie is all visuals and sound without much depth. I wanted to hear more about how mountains came to be scientifically. I wanted to be educated on the origin of mountains, what they’re made of, or how old they are. There was nothing new in this film that I didn’t already know. If this film wasn’t narrated, was a short feature with just visuals accompanied with a symphony orchestra – it would have been terrific. However, with Mountain in its current format through no fault of Willem Dafoe’s, this movie is nice but forgettable.

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