Monsters University – Film Review

Monsters University is a prequel of the widely loved Monsters, Inc. film. In Monsters University we are reunited with our favourite characters “Mike” played by Billy Crystal and “Sulley” played by John Goodman, although they are not actually friends.

As a big fan of Monsters, Inc., I was excited. But I found it rather strange that Pixar had released a film about “university”. For starters, why should a child need to know or understand the current importance of college? Would it have been that hard to go to high school instead? And how would a child even comprehend such a thing when the targeted audience are small children in primary school, or possibly even younger? And let’s be honest, not everyone goes to college when they grow up. College is definitely not something a little child should be worrying about.

Second of all, the magic that was evident in Monsters, Inc. isn’t in Monsters University. It’s not about making children laugh anymore, but the mindset to still scare children for energy. I understand it is a sequel, but the fact that this is for children and the monsters just want to be the best at scaring children is also a bit displeasing.

also began to hate Sulley as a character. I used to love him, but after watching Monsters University, I no longer adore him as much as I used to. Surely that’s not a good thing. This film may have been about friendship, but I don’t think you have to write in about bullying to make a story out of it.

Although a good look at the lives of Mike and Sulley prior to meeting Boo, Monsters University is very forced, unfunny, unnecessary, and lacks imagination and heart. If the message was that your dreams can still come true, but the hard way – I still must protest that these kind of ideals are still irrelevant for a young child. At the very least, little Mike is awfully cute.

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