Monsta X at Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, June 8, 2019 – K-Pop Live Review

While Monsta X are no strangers to Australia, having visited previously when they came for KCON Australia in 2017 (Sydney), it was the first time for the K-Pop powerhouse unit to come to Melbourne. Headlining the stage at Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena on Saturday the 8th of May for their ‘We Are Here’ World Tour, this K-Pop crew needed no supporting act to bring the house down.

Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Joohoney, I.M and Hyungwon commanded the Melbourne stage from start to finish. Adorned in black and gold, Monsta X started the show with a bang by performing their knockout hit “Shoot Out”. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘Monbebe’, when the group graced the stage, I surprisingly found myself shouting and cheering along with the rest of the arena. But it was hard not to be excited when the atmosphere of the arena was so electric.

Although the setlist was great with bangers such as Alligator, Hero and Dramarama which were all accompanied with excellent choreography and their unique sound, the setlist also allowed for Monsta X to be intimate and serenade the crowd. Admittedly, the song Oh My never was a favourite of mine, but after seeing Monsta X perform it live, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since. I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing By My Side live and witnessing a blissful crowd wave their lightsticks around while singing in unison.

Before attending the concert, I never knew how funny Monsta X would be. Usually I would not care for video interludes at concerts either, but the entire clip which showed the members doing Youtube style inspired tutorials such as make-up, coffee, fitness and ‘ASMR’ was surprisingly amusing and helped attendees get to know each members individual personalities. It also had me in stitches because it was so hilarious. The show’s production, lighting, choreography and costuming were also the best that money could buy, giving Australian Monbebes the ultimate K-Pop experience in a fun, friendly environment.

Despite Monsta X consisting of seven members, no single member outshone the other, showing that this K-Pop group really are a solid supportive team and a force to be reckoned within the K-Pop industry. What I enjoyed the most about Monsta X’s performance was how genuinely happy they looked on stage to be performing for their Australian fans. For Monsta X, performing seems effortless; whether they’d be dancing to complex choreography, cracking jokes, poking fun at each other or harmonising, they really looked like they were having a lot of fun the entire time. And when we do see artists that we adore enjoying themselves on stage, it is hard not feel joy as well. I personally found myself smiling for the entirety of the concert because it was so much fun. Having attended with a Korean friend, my co-attendee pointed out to me that she loved how each member of Monsta X had different body types which she found real, relatable and refreshing, and I honestly agree.

What makes Monsta X so attractive is how intimate they were on-stage, despite the show being in an arena, you really feel you get to know them personally. It would be hard not to be a fan (even if you weren’t beforehand) after leaving one of Monsta X’s shows on the ‘We Are Here’ World Tour. I feel so very blessed to have seen these incredible artists in their natural habitat and thriving. I have no doubt that the remainder of their world tour is going to be an entertaining success. It is clear after seeing fellow attendees leave the venue overjoyed and satisfied, that Monsta X really are something special and I hope that they return to Australia to tour Melbourne again soon.

Photo supplied and used with the permission of Starship Entertainment.

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