Marvel’s Iron Man VR *Demo* (PlayStation 4) – Gaming Review

“I am Iron Man”. Four words that shaped a generation. Four words that changed pop culture forever. Who would have thought that a little film from 11 years ago would have such an impact on our lives now? Coming in February 2020, you too can say “I am Iron Man” as you suit-up in your PlayStation VR Headset and fly around as Tony Stark himself.

I was lucky enough to take Iron Man VR for a test flight during this year’s PAX AUS, not once, but twice! It was that good I frantically booked a second session with Playstation to give it another go. I have personally never really been drawn to Virtual Reality gaming, mainly due to the games that I have tried left me feeling nauseous. Last year I tried a demo for a fighter pilot VR game that left me dizzy for a couple of hours after. So, I was hesitant in my approach to the Iron Man VR demo, but I left pleasantly surprised.

In the demo, you dive right in as Tony Stark in the Iron Man armored suit, flying around over the ocean outside his Malibu mansion. The mechanics are quite easy to grasp, with your hands holding the PS VR Wands by your side, you can maneuver your hands to direct the repulsors and thus, the direction of your flight. Squeezing the wand triggers fires off the repulsors, and off you go! Lifting your hands, pointing forward and pressing the button fires off a blast to hit targets, and with a punching motion you can knock out targets too.

Overall the demo, was quite short, but from what I experienced the first time, had me wanting to give it a second go. From what the crew at the booth told me, I completed the mission very quickly compared to others.

I have always been a fan of the Marvel Universe and specifically Iron Man himself. Having never owned a PS VR and now given the opportunity to be Iron Man, I am seriously considering the purchase for when the game comes out next year. I mean, how can I resist being able to say “I am Iron Man”?

Marvel’s Iron Man on PlayStation VR hits the shelves in 2020 and will be available from your favourite reseller in February.

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