Man of Steel – Film Review

It’s no secret that Superman is my favourite superhero of all time. So you could imagine how nervous and excited I was for this film. There have been many horrible renditions of the widely loved comic book hero. But after watching this film, I can say that all my worries were for nothing because “Man of Steel” is nothing short of amazing.

Man of Steel” is the retelling of Superman in a new light. The design of the costume is the first one without his underpants on the outside for starters, and there’s no more little curl in his hair either. Despite these changes, Zack Snyder‘s Superman isn’t any less “super”, it’s in fact quite possibly the best retelling of Superman that I have ever seen.

The John Williams iconic theme in previous Superman films has been put aside for a fresh new approach with Hans Zimmer‘s amazing score, still portaying the essence and spirit of Superman. Many (like myself) were sceptical when it was announced the iconic John Williams score was not being used for the new Superman film. After actually hearing the music from the film, I honestly think the decision has paid off. Well done to all involved with this decision. It must’ve been tough.

The film itself takes a clever approach in the retelling of Superman‘s story. I’m sure most people know already how Superman came to be, but what makes Man of Steel great is the nonlinear approach in retelling the story, making it fresh, exciting and new.

I loved Henry Cavill‘s Superman; strong, silent, selfless, smart, emotional, human and not nerdy at all. Usually I am quite picky regarding actors who play Superman, but I can honestly say that Henry Cavill is perfect. Whoever was in charge of the casting, I LOVE YOU.

Many of you may not know this, but Lois Lane has been a red head. I know with a lot of media portayals in the past Lois Lane has been depicted as a brunette. So it was quite refreshing to see a red haired Lois Lane portrayed by Amy Adams. Her portrayal of Lois Lane is more switched on, understanding and aware of her surroundings.

Michael Shannon is incredible as General Zod. Despite his ways, this misunderstood character has very good intentions and an understandable but somewhat lost cause. I could write a whole essay on General Zod if I wanted to. There’s just so much depth in his character and it has a lot to do with the brilliant acting of Michael Shannon, and the brilliant script.

Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are perfect as Superman‘s adoptive parents. Their characters Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent provide love, strength, understanding, courage, humility and wisdom that together make Supermanwhat he is, and it shows. I’ve been a big fan of Kevin Costner in the past, and it was so nice to see him onscreen again in a role that he has perfected and can call his own. We already know Kevin Costner is a great actor, but he’s really outdone himself this time.

Last but not least, Russell Crowe definitely stole the show as Superman‘s father, Jor-El. Portrayed as the graceful, gracious, noble, wise, loving and strong father Superman never really had, every single time Russell Crowe would appear on screen, he’d be the scene stealer and an absolute delight to watch. I only hope they somehow write him into the sequel.

The special effects are great, but for some the way this movie was filmed may cause some viewers to feel a bit of motion sickness. I get motion sickness often, but when I first watched this film, I did not notice anything. The second time around, I noticed this a lot more. I guess it really depends on the individual. It is not necessary to view this film in 3D either. After having viewed Man of Steel in both formats, I can honestly say that it doesn’t make a real difference, so it’s up to your personal preferences on which format you’d like to view this film in.

Man of Steel is a definite must-see. A modern retelling of not only how Superman and Clark Kent came to be, but also how the world shaped him and made him who he is. The best part is, this movie shows Superman is the perfect example that being true to yourself never really goes out of style.

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