Maho Magic Bar {Adelaide Fringe 2024} – Theatre Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Last night I took a trip to Japan… but I never actually left Australia.

The wonders of Maho Magic Bar can be found deep in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, a large neon lit venue that draws you in like a moth to a flame. I think it is one of the most impressive venues I have seen, especially after the sunset and you get the full effect of the neon lamps.

Stepping through the doors the hospitality is warm and welcoming, as the performers welcome you to the bar and show you to your seat. The venue features a wall of paper lanterns, cherry blossoms and many Japanese alcohol bottles adorn the shelves. The inside is just as stunning as the outside and the whole feel of the venue transported me to another land.

Four intimate bars dot the perimeter of the impeccably decorated venue, and a larger table in the middle. As you take your seat you have the chance to order a drink from their specially curated menu of Japanese cocktails, sake, whisky, wine and more, with super simple ordering via a QR code.

Once you are settled, the magician at the bar explains how the evening will go, with a rotating roster of magicians performing at your bar, up close and personal. If you are feeling like something a little extra, you can order a ‘trick’ from the special menu, which is something on a grander scale that takes place on the ‘main stage’.

The show was hosted by ‘The Boss Lady’ Spica in her first time in Australia. Spica is so much fun with her bubbly personality and commanding persona. The perfect choice to run the show.

Our first magician at our bar for the night was the amazing Kaori Kitazawa, a cute yet mighty Kawaii girl who got the ball rolling with some amazing card tricks and a very impressive origami crane made in just 5 steps (usually, it takes 32!) Following this was our first ‘Special Menu’ trick called Too Hot to Handle and performed by Wambi, who was our final magician at the bar too. I don’t want to say too much, but the performance involved paper and fire, which was very impressive. Up close, his tricks were performed with antique American coins, making them teleport and so much more.

Shirayuri was a very funny, confident and mischievous performer, with great jokes and a big cheeky smile. I still have no idea how he effortlessly pulled off his mind blowing tricks with his flawless sleight of hand! Shunji was the third cab of the rank, who performed some really cool tricks with a crystal ball, making it hover in mid-air and blowing my mind!

Multiple times I was left with my jaw on the floor and loved the reactions of not just those at my bar, but those around us too. There was a great energy and buzz in the whole venue from both the punters and the performers with cheering, gasps and applauding throughout the night. It was a vibe!

We were having so much fun that the hour long show felt like it was over in just 20 minutes, it was non-stop entertainment action jammed into just 60 minutes. It’s wall to wall magic, mystery and humour, with a healthy dose of Japanese culture for extra measure. Maho Magic Bar is a must see show at this year’s Adelaide Fringe, and the cheapest ticket to Japan you’ll ever get! Oh, and grab yourself a Toki Highball Buck for the show, it’s epic!

Maho Magic Bar is currently playing at Adelaide Fringe 2024 until March 17.
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