Lou Wall vs. The Internet {Melbourne International Comedy Festival} – Comedy Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Last year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I experienced Lou Wall’s brand of comedy for the very first time.

Their show Bleep Bloop was hilarious and filled with chaotic energy. So, when I was given the opportunity to check out their latest show, I was excited to see what Lou had in store for us. Titled, Lou Wall vs. The Internet, this new show explores their life online and how social media ignited a perpetual jealousy of others.

Performing at Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), we were greeted by giant screen which displayed a flickering photo of Lou sitting on the floor and holding an old school computer. In the middle of the screen there’s a QR code to scan, and for those that braved the suss looking link it provided discovered some very questionable imagery. It wasn’t long before the sold-out show room was packed, the lights dimmed, and the musical brand of Lou’s comedy kicked into gear.

The narrative of this show is built around Lou’s entry into social media and connecting with a certain individual over a delightful rainbow umbrella. Not only did they become fast friends, but Lou is also jealous of them. They wanted to be hotter than them, more successful than them. If anything, Lou just wanted everything they had, to be like them but better.

Their first interaction together is cleverly edited into a video that accompanied Lou’s musical performance. To say it was hilarious would be a gross understatement, I was hurting from the laughter. The chaotic energy had my adrenalin flowing and yet I was sitting completely still. If this was only the first number, what else was there to expect as the show continued?

What sets Lou apart from the pack is their brand of comedy. The all-original songs are not only utterly hilarious but are deeply personal. Lou also has absolutely nothing to hide, and I mean nothing. There is an entire segment of the show where their jealousy sends them on journey to earn more money and appear more successful. How, you ask? Feet pics. No, that is not a typo! Lou revealed to the audience so much more than what we were expecting. They told, in full detail, how they sold their sole to the internet (intentional spelling). I was keeling over with laughter. Arguably one of the best comedy bits I have ever seen.

It is fitting that their show is at ACMI as each segment had a visual representation of Lou’s inner monologue projected onto a giant screen. Their show can be best described as digital theatre, and whilst they are the only person up on stage, they never appeared alone. Each musical number is masterfully paired with a visual companion piece. The editing of these clips is insane and Lou’s super abilities to keep up with some of the fast-paced imagery is an incredible sight to see. There is even a self-diagnosis therapy session by which I was completely captivated.

Throughout the show, I found myself trying to decipher who the mystery person was. Who could have sparked a whole, unhinged, downward spiral, complete with a full spreadsheet listing out all the aspects of their lives that Lou was envious of? No, I am serious, the spreadsheet they showed was mind blowing. Thankfully, we are given some sweet, sweet relief at the end with a big reveal. But there is an even bigger surprise that you will just have to see for yourself.

Lou Wall vs. The Internet is a level of comedy genius that many wish they could achieve. It must be a fun theme park inside their brain. I have no idea why Lou is jealous of anyone because they are absolutely killing it! I mean, they are a multi-award-winning comedian and have already won another award this season by receiving the 2023 Moosehead Award. It was an absolute privilege to experience this show and I cannot even begin to fathom just how long it took for them to put it together. If there are also awards for best editing and writing, Lou is beyond deserving.

Lou Wall vs. The Internet is smart, raw, funny, revealing, and blatantly honest. Thank you for sharing your thrilling chaotic rollercoaster ride with us, I cannot wait to see what comes next.

With only three shows left, tickets are selling fast, and this is one show at this year’s comedy festival that you do not want to miss. Lou Wall vs. The Internet is on until April 9th.

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