Life of Pi – Film Review

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a preview screening of Life of Pi and was so inspired, I had to write about it.

I could write that Ang Lee did an amazing job directing this film. But I never doubted him for a second. With stunning 3D visuals that enthral the audience, Ang Lee uses the 3D element to his advantage making the ocean look so lonely and vast, displaying a sky to look so clear at night, helping us experience the power of the sea whilst us never actually getting wet, showing us an orangutan reflecting on loss, and making a tiger look expressive and emotive – all whilst never tearing away from the storyline.

I could even mention that I bet Ang Lee will win an award for this and that the acting in this film was superb. Especially from Suraj Sharma who is new to the acting scene playing young Pi, a boy who is lost and searching for something to believe in.

But what I really want to talk about is the storyline, and what it meant to meLife of Pi is not just a story about a boy stuck on a boat with a tiger. It is the story of faith. Our narrator is actually the main character of the story revisiting his past. He tells two stories of loss, hope, religion, and belief.

I’ve searched to the ends of the internet to find what people thought of the film, as well as the original novel which the film is based on. No two conclusions are alike. I write regarding my reflections on the film as I have not read the book yet, although after seeing it, I am very inspired to read it.

Although the story highlights religion a lot, I felt that this film was beyond that of religion.

What I took from the film: Live everyday like it’s your last; to the fullest with little regrets as possible. Believe in yourself, stay true to what you believe in. Learn to accept change. Fight for your place in this world. And above all things, never lose hope.

Prone to analyses, Life of Pi is a story that will make you think. Whether you are one for “fantasy” or “rationality”, it does not matter which story you choose. There is no right or wrong answer. We believe what we want to believe.

A beautiful film that makes you question your beliefs and choose what to believe in. Deep, meaningful, enthralling, spiritual and stunning. Life of Pi comes out to Australian cinemas on January 1st, 2013 and is already out in many other countries worldwide. I highly recommend you to see it and I would love to know your interpretations of what really happened, and what the story meant to you.

I chose to believe.

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